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Forensic Examination of Questioned Documents
Court Qualified Experts

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Forensic Examination of Questioned Documents
Court Qualified Experts

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Forensic Analysis of Questioned Documents
and Forgery Detection

Documents are questioned, disputed, and attacked on several grounds and for countless reasons, but the vast majority of such disputes involve questioned signatures and handwriting, allegedly fraudulent alterations, digital manipulations, questioned holographic wills, typewritten documents, and anonymous and disputed letters. Moreover, documents may be questioned regarding their ages or dates, the materials used in their production (ink and paper), and on their genuineness.

FORENSIC QD SERVICES Inc. is a renowned forensic document laboratory in Canada. We provide services related to signature verification, handwriting analysis, forgery detection, examination of digitally manipulated documents/signatures, alteration findings, evaluation of disputed documents, and ink and paper examination, among others.

We have also provided forensic document examination services to clients located in the United States of America, China, Trinidad & Tobago, India, and Dubai.


A contemporary and fully equipped laboratory as well as a large reference collection and a variety of image-processing software used to examine documents are utilized to maintain high professional standards. With continuous research and development, we support our analysis by persistently creating inventive solutions and meeting special customer needs.

Our handwriting expert is a highly accredited, certified, and court-qualified forensic document examiner who has provided the highest quality of forensic document examination & handwriting analysis services in Canada as well as in other parts of the world.

Forensic Examination Provided for

Laboratory equipment used for examination: Our document examination laboratory is fully equipped with numerous devices, such as a video-spectral comparator (VSC), an electrostatic detection apparatus (ESDA), stereomicroscope, digital microscope, ultraviolet and infrared light sources, numerous magnifying devices, digital photography equipment, measuring devices, imaging software, a high-resolution printer, a scanner, and a large collection of reference material.

Frequently asked questions that our forensic document examiner can help with:

  • Is a certain signature or writing genuine or forged?
  • Would a certain signature or writing serve to identify the writer?
  • Did the writer attempt and fail to hide his personal writing characteristics, or is the writing undisguised and actually written by another person?
  • Who committed the forgery?
  • Is it possible that the writer had two styles of signatures under command?
  • Have alterations in the form of deletions, additions, interlineations, or substitutions been done to the document?
  • Was the document digitally altered/manipulated with the help of image editing software?
  • What instrument was used to write the signatures on the document?
  • What is the relative age of the document and the ink used to create it?
  • Have signatures or text in the document been copied/ transplanted and pasted using Adobe Photoshop or some other editing tool?

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