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Forensic Document Expert

Forensic Document Services- Toronto, Canada

Even with the smartest technology aiding today’s businesses- public or private, physical documents continue to possess a feel of genuineness and assist in demonstrating authorship. People appreciate a piece of paper with valid credentials rather than any digital form of it when it comes to matters about one’s wealth, property, health, and other transactions of value.
From a clinic at the corner of the street to the ministerial chambers, handwriting and signatures with varied uses and configurations continue to signify the authority and authenticity of the papers they are affixed upon. This wide applicability of signatures and handwriting in the paperwork leads to the greater possibility of them being exploited with an intention to fraudulently ‘doctor’ a legitimate document.

Billions of transactions are executed worldwide every day, wherein innumerable documents including but not limited to property wills, mortgage papers, bank cheques, insurance papers, passports, Visas, various identity cards, holographs, letterheads, court documents, affidavits, agreements are generated and more often than not, a significant percentage of them turn out to be fraudulent, forged, doctored, altered or morphed in some form, disputing the information they carry leading to lengthy litigations causing even more duress.

But, not anymore, FORENSIC QD SERVICES is a renowned Canadian forensic document laboratory providing services, related to signature verification, handwriting analysis, forgery detection, examination of digitally manipulated documents/signatures, alteration findings, evaluation of disputed documents, and ink and paper examination, among others.

If you or someone you know is looking for a highly accredited and Court-qualified forensic document expert, then a solution to all your worries is just a click away. We provide efficient, thoroughly professional, time-bound, and court-ready opinions on all sorts of questioned documents. The unique combination of our state-of-the-art instruments and document examination expertise enables us to serve our clients on matters such as questioned signatures and handwriting, allegedly fraudulent alterations, digital manipulations, questioned holographic wills, typewritten documents, anonymous and disputed letters. Moreover, documents deemed to be disputed regarding their ages or dates, the materials used in their production (ink and paper), and their genuineness are evaluated by our experts.