Case Submission

Documents Submission process:

The documents/exhibits (both questioned and comparison) are accepted either by email, in person (by appointment only), or via courier. The documents can include a cover letter or a chain of custody form. The submitted documents will be returned in the same manner as received.
Though original documents are always considered the best for examinations, if the originals are inaccessible, the best-available scanned copies of documents can be submitted for examination.

Before submitting the documents, kindly contact us at (905) 949 – 9941, and we will provide you with the link to complete the submission process.

Kindly note the following process for submission:

If submitting original documents:

Documents should not be stapled, folded, torn, stamped, or subjected to indented writings/impressions.

A document, itself, should not be marked.

Documents should not be exposed to extreme humidity, heat, or direct sunlight.

Please collect and submit sufficient known signatures/handwriting samples. Efforts should be made to collect the known material within the same timeframe as the questions.

Submit your exhibits via hand delivery or secure courier.

Questioned Document Examination
Questioned Document Examination

If submitting the scanned documents:

A good image quality of scanned documents obtained using a scanner in pdf format may be submitted for examination; do not send cell phone images.

The pdf file consisting of the questioned signature, writing, or the document, itself, should be separately marked as the “document in question.”

A separate pdf file renamed “comparison documents” should consist of all the signatures or handwriting for comparison can be submitted for analysis.

Before analysis, proper instructions should be given to the examiner confirming the signature in question if multiple signatures are present on the document.

A complete page/document with the signature or writing in question should be submitted for examination.

Comparison exhibits:

A forensic document examiner requires sufficient comparison samples to evaluate the writing characteristics of an individual to form a conclusion. Therefore, a minimum of 10–15 comparison documents/exhibits are required to conduct the analysis.
The level of certainty of the conclusions of a document examiner primarily depends on the quality of the questioned material and the availability of the comparison exhibits.